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Day 11 : My boy is 2 Y.O now

“Nak, you are going to 24 months a.k.a 2 years old and still counting.”

still be one of our favourite to learn, to understand the meaning of true love, the definition of pure heart, yes you are Allah’s beautiful creation.

from you, I learn how to empower myself, since I met you.

you taught me, how to listen, how to be more sensitive, trying to understand every expression of you, every word since you were in my womb.

you taught me, the curiousity of learning process, in every situation.

even in the heavy rain, or when the sun is shining, when the wind hits your perfectly innocent face slowly.

you always bring me a good energy, feeling so grateful to Our Creator, Allah SWT.

I have no idea how to be a perfect mother anyway, but the way you trust me, following my every step of expression, every laugh, every word, every mood, just give me a big energy to learn my best to become a good mom for you.

who bring you to know and love Him more and more.

Dear my son,

two years ago, your Dad is always stand by us side to side. always crying for our safety in the middle of tahajjud, in the middle of beautiful month, called ramadhan.

i see his tears when the first time hearing your crying.

i see his fearless voices, when the first time He’s doing adzan close to your ears.

And now, eventhought we are not yet the perfect parents, but you will always perfect to us.

May Allah gather us in His jannah.


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