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Day 20 : Self Conscious

Lesson learned from Ramadhan: Increase our Self-Conscious.

@lutfiahhayati -FIM 17

As we know, “siyam” or shaum” is one of muslim ritual which simply exposes the true relation between the Creator and us, the creation. How our ritual quality attached only to Allah. So, one precious lesson I got during this ramadhan is increasing our self-consciousness towards everything, both internal and external.

I feel It’s so different when I started to look deeper inside my purpose of life. It’s not literally about arrange some dreams board, but also a journey to my self-conscious awareness; finish my own problem, look deep inside, then try to figure it out, how the outer world of my future plan will be. All the things I want to share to the others.

When I feel how beautiful “self-conscious” thing truly is, the more I knew my uniqueness, the more I feel equal with others. It grows sense of emphaty and affection/love.

I am learning to live in harmony.

We often easily feel different, in this competitive era–so many inequal things, keep comparing self with other goals, felt outnumbered and got discouraged, or other competitive things that will very much likely dry out our energy, untill we dare to take any kind of ways that even trangress the rules. Then we forget, that actually we just need to live in harmony. Fill everything with kindness, to love, to share, to support each other.

Maybe we should start over again. We need to start and learn to be together in unity. It feels like we were taught to disconnect ourselves from everything else, to be independent.. not in the vice versa: by making a change by connecting ourselves, collaborate with each other, building a jama’ah

We should try to connect again (to Allah as our Creator), connect to ourselves again, to connect again wirh other people, rekindle with our nature.

I believe Rasulullah SAW is a lovable person, the way He loves children and Family, and all sohabi sohabiyyah.

This Islamic way of attraction can be started from self-conscious and strong aqidah/faith in Islam, where this faith radiates through our deeds and ethics . Thus, people will embrace Islam warmly.

Another lesson we can gain from it is about to manage our body, our mind, and our soul.

Let’s try again and start again reconnecting with Allah since this very moment, while our breath still last.

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